On January 14, 2020 ArcBlock will be joining the Cascadia Blockchain Council and Steering Committee members to testify in support of two new blockchain bills for Washington State.

The Washington State legislature recently introduced two new bills that will enable the state and governor to better support blockchain technologies blockchain technologies from the state level.


  • The first bill, SB6065, will create a Washington Blockchain Working Group.


  • The second bill, SB6028, will adopt the uniform electronic act an aligning statutory provisions relating to signatures, declarations and documents.

In support of these new bills, many of the leading companies in the Pacific Northwest region will participate and testify about the importance of these new bills.

The goal is to help lawmakers understand why supporting blockchain is important and critical to supporting their constituents in the years ahead. In addition to ArcBlock, some of the other companies set to testify include T-Mobile, Dragonchain and more. Stay tuned for more information and updates on the bills.