Author Nate(ArcBlock Engineer)

On January 9, 2020, version 2.1 of the ABT wallet was officially released! Bring you the following updates (the diagram is for the Android client, the iOS side is exactly the same):

1. New Setup Process

We never stop to think and create on optimizing processes in the wallet, this time V2.1.* version, we will create a wallet and setup process separately.

1.1 Simple is better

The whole new process should be as simple as possible. We gave up the previous solution of combining the new wallet and the initialization process. After the user installs and opens the wallet for the first time, if he chooses to create a new wallet, he only needs to take the following steps to complete the new wallet creation and Selectively create your first personally identifiable profile:

create wallet flow

1.2 Wallet setup is easier with several new prompts added

We chose weakening initial key and restore code of these two concepts, but the importance of these two elements purse remains the same, we use a more popular form of show wallet initialization process:

init wallet

2. More convenient sending experience

In previous versions, we added the ability to save contacts, and this time we added some new capabilities and refined this process.

2.1 If you have multiple identical accounts on the same chain, support direct and convenient sending from one account to other accounts

send to self

2.2 If sending to others, currently supports the following methods to quickly fill in the DID receiving account of the other party

  • Enter manually
  • Scan code input
  • Contact selection (new)
  • Recent transaction selection (new)

send to other

3. The current ticket and certificates assets support "View deteails."

3.1 Tickets:


3.2 Certificate:


4. Support Code B (Recovery Code) export:

If you are using V2.1.* a version of the newly created wallet, purse will support the user of cryptographic checksum halfway export CodeB (recovery code) function

backup codeb

5. Application details page supports easy jump to corresponding DApp page

Note: This feature requires upgrading to V2.1.* or later take the initiative to support this feature corresponds to the site to conduct a scan code DAPP operation to trigger data updates locally wallet and jump automatically added support.

open dapp