Author: Nate and Jonathan Lu (Mobile Engineer at ArcBlock)

ABT wallet, Arcblock's decentralized identity wallet, includes a new and improved wallet recovery process. Unlike most digital wallets on the market, our focus was to create a more user-centric process that uses anInitial key + recovery code process. This combination scheme replaces the complex mneumonic phrase that many wallets use today. By splitting it into two parts, it reduces the complexity of setting up and using the wallet, while simultaneously maintaining the highest level of security.

recovercodeandsecretcode en

What is the initial key?

create init password en

Initial Key There is no difference between the various passwords entered during the setup process, as long as they meet the conditions and strength, it is essentially a password, but here we distinguish it from the new process Wallet Password And is named the Recovery Key.

Recovery Key is stored in location selected by the user, and as long as the user does not disclose this key, no one will know it. What the user needs to do in this step is to remember the ordinary account password:

  • Remember to set it yourself Initial Key!!!
  • Remember to set it yourself Initial Key!!!
  • Remember to set it yourself Initial Key!!!

In case this isn't obvious, this part is important so we said it three times!

What is a recovery code?

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Recovery Code It is a string of strings uniquely generated by a random algorithm. Users do not need to memorize this random character. The ABT Wallet requires that the user save the QR code card that is generated during the setup process by generating a two-digit code card.


All the user needs to do at this step is:

  • Save this recovery code card !!!
  • Save this recovery code card !!!
  • Save this recovery code card !!!

Again, this is important so we said it three times!

Users can choose to back up this QR code card picture to their usual storage space

What is the wallet password again?

create wallet password en

keep properly Recovery Code After the QR code card, we come to the last step of the ABT wallet new creation Wallet PasswordSo what is this password for? We could have used it Initial Key As Wallet Password, But in order not to reduce the security of the wallet, we still Wallet Password Provides a setting entry.

We strongly recommend that users Initial Key with Wallet Password Set a different password, this can greatly improve the security of the wallet

Different from Initial Key Only when the wallet is restored and Secret Key For use with, Wallet Password It is a password that requires high-frequency use by users.The following operations will be used in the daily use of the wallet Wallet Password:

  1. Unlock open wallet
  2. Transfer, asset transaction confirmation
  3. Modify Wallet Password
  4. Open / close bio code
  5. Clear wallet data
  6. and many more

At this point, after entering the legal Wallet Password, Click Next, the entire wallet creation process has ended. In the next article, I will introduce you in detail ABT wallet recovery process. Stay tuned!