ArcBlock announces new partnership with ride-sharing service GoFun to use blockchain platform to developer new blockchain services and DApps.

ArcBlock has announced a new partnership with GoFun, a leading ride-sharing service, to support the development of their new GoFun Connect adding new blockchain-enabled capabilities and data services to benefit their customers, partners, and dealers.

ArcBlock (, a leading application development platform for decentralized applications (DApps)and blockchain-enabled services announced that it has officially launched a new strategic partnership with GoFun. The partnership was originally announced at the GoFun Connect launch event where CEO of GoFun, Tan Yi, announced that the new partnership and discussed how ArcBlock enables companies to quickly integrate blockchain technologies and deliver an industry-best user experience that helps maximize the return on investment. GoFun will leverage ArcBlock’s SDK, Blockchain developer tools and CLI, decentralized identity, and multi-chain network to support massive scalability and the ability to handle diverse workloads and digital assets across diverse, interconnected blockchain networks.


GoFun is building a new platform that will expand to existing and new ecosystem service providers, improve financial risk controls and credit deposits. Tan Yi, CEO of GoFun, said that “GoFun Travel and GoFun Connect will work with new and existing partners to reshape the automotive industry, tap into potential value, and achieve increased benefits across different distribution channels. At the same time, with our new blockchain-enabled services, we are able to create a new Internet of Vehicles that connects people, data, vehicles, and services together into a single platform using best-in-breed technologies like blockchain that empower both the users and service providers in a secure way.”

ArcBlock recently released its latest blockchain platform upgrade for production-ready DApps and Enterprise blockchains that allow companies to quickly capture the benefits of blockchain technologies easily. “ArcBlock is well-positioned to support the automotive industry and enable our partners to quickly tap into the power of blockchain in ways that work for their businesses, said Jean Chen, VP of Public Relations at ArcBlock. “There is no complicated setup, no specialized languages to learn, companies can use the development languages they already support like JavaScript or Python, and with the ArcBlock blockchain platform our customers are able to get their products to market fifty percent faster compared to traditional public chains.”

In the upcoming weeks, ArcBlock will be releasing their next-generation decentralized identity wallet and solutions that enable companies to quickly and easily add decentralized identities to any website, application or service with a single line of code. To learn more about ArcBlock’s blockchain platform, or decentralized identity solutions simply visit