ArcBlock to participate in New Tech Northwest Event discussing Forge SDK and Rethinking How to Build dApps Easily!

Bellevue, WA - October 15, 2019

ArcBlock will participate in New Tech Northwest's next Eastside event on October 15th. Director of Marketing, Matt McKinney, will be discussing dApps, new user experiences, and how Forge SDK is allowing technology companies to reimagine what is possible with blockchain.


Tomorrows session will:

  • Look at the current state of blockchain,
  • Demonstrate ArcBlock's recently created EV Charging App for electric vehicle owners to share and sell electric capacity to others,
  • Discuss how the Forge SDK is reinventing how build decentralized applications by making it easy.

As a developer framework, Forge removes the complexity of building dApps and makes it easy for anyone to build private chains or connect to public chians, launch a new chain in a single command, utilize ready-made blocklets, and ensures that everything just works giving developers and users the best experience possible.

Joining Matt will be several other leading technology companies from Seattle's east side including Activewords, Salesfolks and Comprehensive Wealth Management. New Tech Northwest is sponsored by leading technology institutions in the area including Nintendo, Salesforce, StackOverflow, Ebay and more. Anyone can register for the event or signup at the event.


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