ArcBlock Officially Joins Erlang as a Founding Blockchain Sponsor

ArcBlock, a leading blockchain platform and 3.0 ecosystem enabling developers and businesses to build decentralized applications and custom blockchains easily, announced today that it has officially become a Founding Sponsor of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation.

erlang foundation

ArcBlock has been a strong supporter of the Erlang ecosystem and has built their blockchain development platform using Erlang and Elixir and is the only blockchain platform today that also leverages Erlang BEAM to take full advantage of features such as OTP and running Smart Contracts on BEAM to deliver a highly-available, fault-tolerant environment for developers and businesses. ArcBlock's ready-made developer features include a complete blockchain development framework and toolset, proof-of-stake ecosystem, on-chain governance, hot upgrades, and protocol updates with 99.999% availability. ArcBlock's goal is to allow anyone to build, run, and use decentralized applications and custom blockchains with ease and combine it with the power of cloud computing including the recently launched available of ArcBlock’s ABT Blockchain Node on Azure and AWS.

“By sponsoring the foundation, we are expanding our support and belief that building our blockchain development platform using Erlang and the supporting ecosystem including BEAM is a perfect match. Because of this, ArcBlock is able to deliver a highly distributed, scalable environment that solves many of today’s challenges for developers and businesses when building decentralized applications or custom blockchains,” said Tyr Chen, VP of Engineering at ArcBlock. “We can support massive amounts of concurrent activity, real-time messaging and non-stop operations out of the box, as well as a wide range of tools that enable developers to focus on their applications while the platform does the rest.”

The Erlang Ecosystem Foundation was launched in early 2019 at the Code BEAM SF conference and was created to drive further development and adoption of Erlang, Elixir and other technologies based on BEAM, the Erlang Virtual Machine. Current sponsors include leading companies such as Cisco, Ericsson, Erlang Solutions and now ArcBlock.

"We are thrilled to have ArcBlock join us as a Founding Sponsor," remarked Desmond Bowe, EEF Marketing Lead. "ArcBlock's investment in the Erlang Ecosystem will help drive the technical progress of the platform and continued growth in the community. It's exciting to see another successful company harnessing the power of BEAM technologies."

Combined with the power of Erlang to deliver a highly available and scalable platform, ArcBlock gives developers and businesses a complete end-to-end blockchain platform that enables anyone to easily build custom blockchains and dApps. ArcBlock’s platform includes a unified approach to data using GraphQL, an easy but powerful decentralized identity wallet and services to manage digital activity, and a blockchain framework that gives a developer everything they need to build a chain and dApp in just a few steps. Developers have their choice of programming languages including SDKs for Javascript, Python, Swift, iOS, Java, and Android. ArcBlock reinventing what is possible and making blockchain easy for everyone.

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