Matt McKinney from ArcBlock to discuss blockchain scalability and interoperabilty at Blockchain Bridge SF

San Francisco, CA - September 18, 2019

On September 18, 2019 ArcBlock will participate in an industry leading panel with Parity, Ethereum Classic Labs and others discussing blockchain scalability and interoperability. Blockchain Bridge SF is a two-day summit focusd on bringing together a community of developers, designers, thinkings and builders and putting them in a collaborative environment focusing on use cases and solving the blockchain technology needs of enterprises and business including talks with Mastercard, IBM, and Anheuser-Busch.

matt blockchainbridge

The full day summit will focus on #BUIDL! including broad discussions around real-uses across industries and talks that include:

  • Interoperability. Which blockchain is for you?
  • Scalability
  • Digital Identity & Sovereign Identity
  • Chain-Hopping
  • DeFI
  • Tokennomic Design and more

ArcBlock not only participate in a talk around scalability and interoperability, but will also demonstrate Forge Framework to developers and attendees including the ability to setup a DApp in one command, intergrate decentralized identity, and utilize a massively scalability ABT Network. Anyone interested in attending the event can register at Eventbrite.