Date: 08-16-2019

ArcBlock Podcast Interview with QuarkChain CEO and Founder Qi Zhou


This episode of ArcBlock's Decentralize Me podcast will introduce QuarkChain CEO and Founder, Qi Zhou. Qi Zhou is a thought leader who is focused on redefining the public blockchain space. He is a former Googler and Facebook employee, and an expert in high-performance systems and large-scale distributed systems. he holds a PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

In late 2018, ArcBlock and QuarkChain established a strategic partnership to establish a new partnership focused on increasing the interoperability of development and infrastructure environments that improves the developer experience and helps businesses build and scale their decentralized applications.

This podcast episode is a great opportunity to talk to a thought leader in the blockchain industry and someone who has the background and expertise to deliver an industry-leading project for the years ahead.

quarkchain overview

QuarkChain is a leading public blockchain service that is gaining in populatory. Compared to previous public blockchains, QuarkChain pushes beyond previous generations by being a flexible, highly scalable and easy-to-use blockchain with an underlying architecture that includes key components for any enterprise inclluding security, decentralization,high throughput, and efficiency. Today, QuarkChain is one of the first public chains that has successfully implemented state sharding technology that supports multiple transaction models, various consensus algorithms, different ledgers, and even multi tokens economics in one network.

arcblock quarkchain

Thanks for listening to this episode and stay tuned for episode 16 next week.