ArcBlock Software Engineer Will Participate in Blockchain and Gaming Panel

On August 13, Riley Shu, a software engineer from ArcBlock, will participate in TF Blockchains "Gaming and Blockchain" event in Seattle, WA.


Blockchain is a fantastic technology with many use cases and one of the best examples of where adoption is already happening is gaming. TF Blockchain's panel brings together three experts who are right in the middle of it and actively working to make blockchain and gaming a reality.

Many of the early adopters in the industry focused on gambling, and today gambling DApps on platforms like Tron and EOS are the most popular DApps being used today. The reason for that is that for things such as online casinos blockchain can prove the odds and fairness of a card draw or roll of a dice roll. While interesting, the industry and companies like ArcBlock are focusing real uses and giving value to both developers and users.

Today, we are now starting to see new gaming experiences that leverage blockchain and one of the most popular use cases is to help facilitate proof of digital ownership. This is was partially driven by the success of one of the panel participants - Cryptokittes. With Cryptokitties, the entire premise is based on exclusivity of a digital asset and the ablitiy to show ownership as well as lineage in a completely visable on blockchain. Around this time last year, a user paid $170,000 to purchase an exclusive kitty named Dragon.

dragon cryptokitty

The event and panel discussion will discuss these examples, as well as looking at other real-world use cases being developed right including several examples from ArcBlock. These examples will look at how gaming companies and developers are using ArcBlock's blockchain platform to enable new types of users experiences including asset management, decentralized identity, gaming and economy systems and more.

You can register for the event on Eventbrite, or watch the social channels for videos and podcasts within a few days of the event.