Media: Originally posted on Enterprise Security Magazine

Date: 07-18-2019

ArcBlock developer website is the new favorite for creating custom DApps and blockchains

ArcBlock is the perfect solution for enterprises or developers who are looking forward to adopting blockchain technologies and a production ready platform to efficiently develop, manage and deploy DApps. ArcBlock is a familiar name in the blockchain industry, involved with the deployment and management of DApps. ArcBlock is known for their hardcore attempts towards enabling a development platform which can make the intricate proecess of developing, handling and integrating DApps into a cloud much simplier. The entire process now just requires nothing more than a browser to start.


"We believe taht blockchain is a technology that benefits everyone. By giving developers the tools and applications framework, blockchain can become more useful to anyone and everyone. Our goal from Day 1 has been about removing the complexity from blockchain and enabling developers to build, manage and deploy DApps and custom blockchains easily," says Jean Chen, Vice President of Public Relations at ArcBlock.

ArcBlock has always been focused on facilitating an innovative and integrated approach towards blockchain solutions and in turn enabling clients to write code in a safer manner. ArcBlock combines the potential of cloud computing with a blockchain application platform so as to make it possible for developers to develop, operate and manage their decentralized applications and blockchains.

forgecli web

The cloud agnostic approach by ArcBlock empowers users autonomy over complicated infrastructure requirements. The obligation of managing and safeguarding applications, or establishing networks or nodes doesn't arise.

The ArcBlock Developer Website

The ArcBlock developer website enables developers to access their developer and design experiences. The website throws light on crucial and insightful information with respect to ArcBlock's Open Chain Access Protocol (OCAP) and Forge Blockchain Application Framewrok. "Forge Framework gives developers everything they need to build a DApp or custom blockchain in just a few minutes. Similar to what Ruby on Rails did for web development, web believe that Forge Framework will make blockchain more accessible and let anyone build their custom blockchains and DApps in programming languages they already know like Python, Java and more," adds Jean Chen. The key aspects of the development page including details on installation, Forge Blockchain SDKs, architecture, developer tools and RPC.