On July 20th, the Founder and CEO of ArcBlock Robert Mao and Vice President of Public Relations Jean Chen will attend the "Blockchain 3.0 Consensus Forum" in Shanghai China. During the discussion, the CEO of ArcBlock will deliver a keynote speech. The forum is being held by Fuqiant Capital and co-organized by the ABT Consensus Community, Endless Community, Star Vision and New York Digital Dollar Company. The forum event will cover a wide range of discussions related to blockchain 3.0 including ArcBlock's talk "The Key to Winning in the Blockchain Era."

Event Details

Time July 20, 2019 - 13:30PM

Venue Yinxiang Road, Jiading District, Blue Sky Venture Plaza


  • 3:30—14:00 Sign in
  • 14:00—14:15 Introduction to Blue Sky Economic City Share: Jin Juhua/Deputy General Manager of Blue Sky Economic City
  • 14:15—15:00 Decentralization: The Key to Winning in the Blockchain Era: The founder and CEO of ArcBlock
  • 15:00-15:30 DID + "Chain Network", the role of identity in the future internet: Jean Chen / ArcBlock Vice President of Public Relations
  • 15:30-16:00 What pits should the investment blockchain avoid? Share: Liu Kaihua / Co., Ltd.
  • 16:00—16:10 Tea Break
  • 16:10-16:25 Chain Business Share: Ying Jun / DUSD Vice President
  • 16:25-16:40 Qbao Multi-chain wallet Share: Shi Yige
  • 16:40—16:55 Blockchain 3.0 Application in government and e-commerce Share: Song Jinyun/Founder of Fuqiang Capital
  • 16:55-17:30 Roundtable Forum: Development of Blockchain 3.0 Share: Bo Zhihong, Chen Jun, Sun Yihan, Liu Kaihua, Song Jinyun, blockpunk, Ying Jun
  • 17:30-17:40 Drinks