ArcBlock Joins Cascadia Blockchain Council as Steering Committee Member

Blockchain Technology Leader Joins the Washington Technology’s Industry Associations inaugural Blockchain Council with other leading technology companies.

ArcBlock has announced that it has been selected to join the Washington Technology’s Industry Associations (WTIA) new Cascadia Blockchain Council. ArcBlock if joining other founding members including Microsoft, T-Mobile, Bittrex, Lighting Network and more. The goal of the new Washington Blockchain Council is to advocate for industry-wide blockchain development, support awareness, and expansion throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

ArcBlock is no stranger to the blockchain industry and is an industry leader in providing tools, services, and awareness of blockchain’s capabilities. ArcBlock is the creator of the world’s first blockchain 3.0 ecosystem that includes a complete blockchain development platform that delivers easy to use tools for developers, product managers, and businesses to build, manage and deploy decentralized applications easily.

arcblock council

Today, ArcBlock is already supporting a broad range of blockchain-enabled projects for companies and public sector clients in a range of industries including gaming, financial services, government, and healthcare to name a few. ArcBlock is also an active member in multiple communities including the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project and the Enterprise Ethereum Association. From the beginning, ArcBlock has worked tirelessly to strengthen awareness about the benefits of blockchain and has actively participated in various learning events and training sessions worldwide to help developers, businesses and executives evaluate, create and implement blockchain applications and services.

Most recently, ArcBlock launched several new learning tracks through it’s blockchain Technical Learning Series initiative. Some of the available training courses and learning tracks are based on different user roles - developers, program managers, software engineers, as well as executive leadership courses designed to help companies evaluate their specific needs and create strategic initiatives to help them immediately benefit from blockchain and its broad use cases.

“We believe that blockchain has the potential to empower end-users in a meaningful way and can redefine how businesses and public entities interact with their customers,” said Robert Mao, CEO of ArcBlock. “We are thrilled to be part of the council and to be a constant advocate in partnership with the WTIA and other founders to drive awareness of blockchain.”

"The Washington Blockchain Council is taking immediate steps to engage with companies and stakeholders to cultivate a business and regulatory environment that supports the blockchain industry and raises awareness locally, regionally and nationally," the WTIA Cascadia Blockchain Council.