ArcBlock has officially released their ABT Blockchain Node software, the world’s simplest blockchain node software, to help users, businesses, and developers manage and run their DApps, and blockchain-enabled services easily.

ABT Node is cloud native and another key component of ArcBlock’s end-to-end blockchain development platform that combines all the tools and services needed to build, run and use decentralized applications including a pluggable development framework, on-chain governance, integrated decentralized identity (DID), and runs on top of the ABT Network that is an interconnected chain network designed to continuously grow and expand the maximum number of chains supported on the network.

Starting today, users are able to download ArcBlock’s ABT Node online from their website, or choose to deploy cloud nodes from several certified cloud computing partners including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Upyun, and AURO.

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The ABT Node certified launch partners represent some of the leading Cloud Computing and Edge Computing providers worldwide and when combined give ArcBlock users access to most markets including Asia, North America, Europe and more with up to 175 locations worldwide to deploy their ABT Nodes to and ensure that they have access to the resources, capacity, and governance features required for production workloads. By design, ABT Nodes are designed for Edge Computing and users can easily deploy a single node or thousands of nodes using just a few commands, and will have access to additional providers in the weeks and months ahead.

ABT Node is the first blockchain node software that is easy to install as a typical application.

Using ABT Nodes, ArcBlock is the first blockchain platform provider to use ABT Nodes and demonstrate how to use Spot Instances from AWS to build a production-ready blockchain network reducing costs by as much as 90% compared to traditional networks and has recently distributed several articles showing developers how to deploy hundreds of ABT Nodes using a few commands.

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ABT Node isn’t just another blockchain node, instead, it represents a significant shift in what blockchains node are able to do. “Rather than just create mining nodes or centralized nodes that require some type of hub or relay to work, We want ArcBlock’s blockchain platform components to be practical, useful and solve real-world problems,” said VP of Engineering Tyr Chen. “We want users to have an exceptional experience and to be in control of their data. ABT Nodes are the first fully decentralized blockchain nodes designed for edge computing. They combine the power of cloud computing with an easy-to-use web server that provides instant detailed metrics and analytics, integrates essential developer tools to easily debug, query and simulate different application scenarios, and lets a user run applications on the ABT Network seamlessly, or to create their own decentralized network.”

One of the key features of the ABT Node is the focus on usability and experience including the easy-to-use, full featured admin console. The blockchain admin console is designed to be familiar and user-friendly. Users and ArcBlock Miners can easily launch applications or services instantly on the ABT Network, become a service provider to support other users, connect to other users and networks, or launch DApps from the marketplace. Out of the box, the ABT Node is decentralized, and production ready with built-in fault tolerance, automatic updates, and easy migration to new nodes when more capacity or compute resources are needed.

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In order to support the ABT Nodes and applications, developers have access to a range of integrated developers tools to debug an application inside of the console and can use ArcBlock’s powerful GraphQL Query using the Open Chain Access Protocol to access different foreign blockchains including Bitcoin and Ethereum in a unified way. In addition, ABT Node includes a flexible SDK language that includes Javascript, Python, Java and Swift/Objective C support, developer-ready CLI (Call Level Interface), an innovative simulation tool to test different application scenarios including load, workflows and more. ArcBlock will be adding several new tools over the next month to further enable ABT Node users to build websites, manage content and more.

ABT Nodes can be set up in less than a minute and is able to easily connect with other peers, or to the ABT Network to deliver applications, services, and other activities publically. As a fully decentralized cloud node, users are in complete control of their data and can easily choose how to want to connect their node, change different attributes of the node including the consensus engine and storage engine to decentralized storage such as IPFS or cloud storage services like AWS S3. Users can run ABT node locally, connect with other users and their nodes, or connect to the ABT Network to offer services and applications to the public. Visit to start today.