ArcBlock Monthly Review (February 2019)

In February, the ArcBlock team continued to work around the clock, making significant progress in engineering and products based on the 2019 roadmap. We are now preparing for the final product launch, which will bring ArcBlock’s innovations to our community and to the market. The potential is amazing. ArcBlock expects to release a beta version of the product in March. Community users will be informed through ArcBlock's official website and social media channels when the product is ready. The following is a brief summary of some of the highlights of this month's work.

Products & Engineering


  • Forge framework: We completed a series of internal tests for performance optimization and stability improvement, and will soon release a public beta. To this end, we will publish a how-to guide for the Forge framework that will support any application and use case.
  • Forge SDK: The first version of the built-in block browser is available, and provides software development kits for programming languages ​​such as Java, Python, and Erlang.
  • Forge App: To validate the effectiveness of the Forge development framework, the engineering team developed a series of example decentralized applications, in which an internal application chain (Event Chain) released the Demo version.
  • ABT testnet: We iterated 15 internal versions and fixed problems with most consensus layers during the testnet operation.
  • ABT Wallet: We opened the client-to-server DID certification process. We added transfer and collection functions, and conducted a series of internal testing and debugging, in preparation for the release of the first public beta in March.




On February 13, ArcBlock officially joined the Washington Blockchain Council with leading enterprises, including Microsoft, Amazon, T-Mobile, Bittrex, Lightning Network, and institutions, such as Department of Commerce of Washington State and the University of Washington. As a founding member of the council, ArcBlock will work together with these companies to promote and support the blockchain industry and build partnerships.

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Media event

  • On February 27, ArcBlock founder Robert Mao was interviewed about government use of blockchain technologies. The government has been ramping up their use of blockchain. Just as the birth of the Internet originated from the research project ARPANET at the US Department of Defense, engagement from the government departments is a strong indicator that blockchain acceptance is increasing.


  • On February 28, ArcBlock Vice President of Engineering Tyr Chen and Software Engineer Boshan Sun were invited to give keynote speeches at CodeBEAM SF 2019 in San Francisco. In addition to discussing ArcBlock's use of cutting-edge languages like Elixir/Erlang, they provided further introduction to ArcBlock's Forge Framework. Forge Framework is a next generation blockchain builder that gives companies and enterprises the ability to easily build and maintain their own chains.


Technical Learning

ArcBlock introduced a new technical learning series focused on building decentralized applications. The series of talks is led by CEO, Robert Mao and focuses on the requirements and best practice for planning, designing and building DApps.

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  • ArcBlock's monthly Monthly Q&A was held on February 21. Founder and CEO Robert Mao discussed ArcBlock's ongoing ABT Network internal testing, DID wallet and future changes to its community platform.

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  • ArcBlock also announced that it is preparing to adopt a new decentralized approach to their robust social community, and thanked Krypital Group for its contribution to the development of the ABT community over the past year.

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