Hello, users and supporters of the ArcBlock community!

First off, we wanted to say thank you for being an important member of our WeChat official groups and Telegram groups. We have been listening to you and want you to know that we are looking for new and innovative ways to improve our community governance, while also working to create a uniquely decentralized approach for our communities that will transform how our communities work. After completing our first year, we have learned a lot but nothing more important than the idea that supporting our community is one of our top priorities. We believe that we have now reached an important milestone and wanted to share the news with you all.

Since its inception, ArcBlock has been dedicated to building an innovative and potentially industry-changing blockchain 3.0 development platform that helps developers build, manage and deploy DApps. During the last twelve months, we have made steady progress. We recently opened our platform to developers and enterprises and shared our “ArcBlock 2019 Product Roadmap (Request for Community Comment)” to help our community see where our priorities were and to define our upcoming product releases. We believe that we are becoming an increasingly influential player in the developer community and our partnerships with leading technology companies is expanding. As many of you know, we have successfully launched new partnerships with leaders like IBM, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and other corporate partners during 2018, and held 4 hackathons that attracted nearly three hundred developers to sign up and develop twenty DApps. We also launched more than 20 very successful learning series and hosted more than a thousand listeners at local level events that were supported by 23 engineering blogs. These blogs received tens of thousands of views and continue to a great way to interact and show the technologies that ArcBlock is working on.

ArcBlock firmly believes that a decentralized user community is critical to the success of our platform. Many companies today simply run their online communities as a one-way publicity tool. However, at ArcBlock we are different. We believe that autonomous dialogue, discussions and forming a consensus are critical elements to the long-term success of our platform and more importantly our community. Starting today, we want to encourage and support our users to form an autonomous community and have an equal voice in the construction of the ArcBlock ecosystem. Of course, we don’t expect you to do it alone. We have a strong sense of responsibility to our community and want to work more closely with all of you to strengthen communication, helping to get your voice heard and to become active participants in building the ABT ecosystem.

We will soon be releasing several community-focused organization, governance and communication DApps that are built on the ArcBlock platform, and these new DApps will empower you to create your own decentralized communities that run on top of the ArcBlock Platform.

There have already been several success stories. In December 2018, some of our active members spontaneously created their own community and invited members of the ArcBlock team to engage with them. Through this engagement, the “ABT Consensus Community” was established that now includes daily interactions, comments and questions to our development team with a focus on conducting evangelism and community-building. In addition to the “ABT Consensus Community”, we have also seen the birth of other groups and want to encourage and support these efforts. ArcBlock has recognized that these decentralized community organizations are an impactful way to contribute to the development of the ArcBlock ecosystem. As a company, we are both willing to participate in these groups and are ready to help the formation and development of these communities including the establishment of governance and rules that the communities abide by including no spamming, spreading of false statements, and illegal behaviors in the community that could be a detriment to everyone. The ArcBlock team also has an obligation to supervise and promote the healthy development of the community.

As many of you know, our partner Krypital Group has been helping us to build and manage our communities, and as we move ahead they will no longer be involved in our communities. We want to take a moment to thank them for their important contributions to the development of our community. As outlined above, our mission moving forward is to transform our existing communities into fully self-governing communities in the weeks and months ahead. We excited about our continued transformation into becoming the leading blockchain 3.0 community that is fully decentralized. We welcome the “ABT Consensus Community” and other self-organized groups with open arms. We are willing to support you with the resources, the people and the capabilities to support and expand our community. We believe that decentralization is the future and we look forward to working with all of you!