ArcBlock Officially Opens for Business and Launches New Website

ArcBlock officially opened for business giving developers and businesses a powerful, but easy to use, platform for building, managing and deploying decentralized applications. With this update, ArcBlock also launched an updated website highlighting many of the new features and plan options available to end-users.

1 new website

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2019 Roadmap Released

After many conversations with the ArcBlock community, ArcBlock released its updated 2019 roadmap that showcases next step product releases, R&D efforts and key milestones for the next four quarters.

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New Partneships Annouced

In December, ArcBlock announced two new strategic partnerships. ArcBlock officially joined the Azure Partner Network to bring ArcBlock developer tools to the Microsoft ecosystem. A second partnership was announced with CryptoSlate, a leading blockchain media website, focused on co-development of unique industry media reports and data insights.

ArcBlock Joins Microsoft Azure

New Media Partnership with CryptoSlate

Technical Learning Series

In December, ArcBlock held three new Technical Learning Series sessions that included a completed guide on IPFS, understanding HTTP/2 and an in-depth explanation on Ethereum Virtual Machines. These technical sessions are also available on ArcBlock's Youtube channel on demand.

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Diving into Ethereum Virtual Machines

IPFS: The Complete Guide

Introduction to HTTP/2

Arcticle: Where is Blockchain Going

ArcBlock's CEO, Robert Mao, was interviewed by Cryptoslate to discuss the current state of the blockchain industry and what he sees happening in the next 12 to 24 months and why ArcBlock has the potential to be the next Amazon Web Services.

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Telegram "Ask Me Anything" Recap

CEO Robert Mao answered various questions from the community and provided insights into the work that the ArcBlock team has been doing including the adoption of the ABT Token for API usage, improvements to OCAP and more.

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