ArcBlock Launches New Website and Improved Developer Experience to simplify the Blockchain Development Experience

ArcBlock’s released a new version of its website today with an all-new design and developer experience focused on helping developers and businesses easily create successful outcomes with blockchain technologies. ArcBlock is ideal for developers and businesses who interested in adopting blockchain technologies and can use a production-ready platform to easily develop, manage and deploy decentralized applications (DApps).

The new official website gives users information about ArcBlock’s blockchain development platform: introducing several new features and functions for the first time including the ArcBlock UX, OCAP, Blocklet, and TokenEngine. From today, users now have an easy to use, unified approach to building blockchain services and solutions that enable developers to focus on what they do best.

Starting from today, users can sign up on the ArcBlock website and have four available plans- Free, Developer, Business, Enterprise - to select from and payment for use of the platform by using ABT, the utility token issued by ArcBlock, as payment to access and use all features and capabilities of the platform. Developers can immediately start their projects using the SDK of their choice including options for Python, Java, iOS, Android, and more. Every application is built on infrastructure that automatically scales with their application and delivers enterprise-ready capabilities on top of leading cloud providers like AWS and Azure.

With this update, ArcBlock is the first to officially launch a billing and operation support system (BOSS) that only accepts utility tokens, and utilizes a first of its kind publicly verifiable billing system. This new billing system uses blockchain to give users and businesses complete transparency into usage, analytics and more including options for multi-party billing and revenue distribution. ArcBlock will be releasing additional new features and capabilities in the weeks and months ahead. For anyone interested, users can review ArcBlock’s 2019 product roadmap by visiting their website -