The New Media Partnership to Launch New Monthly Research Reports and Content for Blockchain Experts

Today, Arcblock, the creator of the leading application development platform for decentralized applications (DApps) and blockchain-enabled services announced that it has officially launched a new strategic media partnership with CryptoSlate. CryptoSlate is a leading online blockchain media publication focused on delivering objective and transparent analysis of the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets with offices and teams located worldwide including the United States, Europe, and Asia.

“We believe that CryptoSlate is redefining the blockchain media space by offering highly personalized content on the entire blockchain ecosystem and giving each user incredible insights and accurate analysis on projects that they care about,” said Jean Chen, VP of Public Relations at ArcBlock. “Our goal is to work with CryptoSlate’s outstanding research team and create industry content developed by blockchain experts.”

With this new partnership, ArcBlock and CryptoSlate will work closely together to create and drive industry-leading content and programming by leveraging ArcBlock’s innovative OCAP-enabled services that give users and researchers the ability to perform in-depth analysis of leading blockchain projects like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger. OCAP is an abstraction layer that gives developers and users complete flexibility by giving them a unified approach to building and analyzing blockchain-enabled services. CryptoSlate’s research team, along with ArcBlock’s data scientists, will identify critical metrics and industry data points that will increase awareness of essential user trends, pricing fluctuations and consumption of each project through the distribution of regular data visualizations to users and researchers.


“As a digital hub for blockchain users and cryptocurrency researchers, the strategic partnership between ArcBlock and CryptoSlate makes sense,” said Nate Whitehall, CEO of CryptoSlate. “As an industry leader focused on delivering news and analysis on all blockchain products, companies, and market trends, ArcBlock aligns with our corporate mission by giving us a unique advantage by deepening our access to real-time data and analytics unparalleled in the industry.”

About ArcBlock

ArcBlock is transforming the way blockchain-enabled applications and services are developed, managed and deployed by reimagining how these services are going to be created in the years ahead. ArcBlock is comprised of a team of industry experts, developers, technologists, and leaders who are focused on creating successful outcomes by enabling teams and businesses to create blockchain-ready services around their needs. ArcBlock has created a powerful but easy to use development platform that utilizes the power of blockchain in combination with cloud computing that developers and businesses to achieve their goals successfully.

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