ArcBlock's A Blockchain Odyssey Technical Series will conclude with it's third stop on November 20, 2018 at the Microsoft Garage in Beijing, China. The session is being hosted by Microsoft Research further demonstrating continued partnership between ArcBlock and Microsoft to create, support and deploy blockchain-enabled services to their clients.

ArcBlock and Microsoft Research meet to discuss blockchain at the Microsoft Garage

Microsoft Research in Beijing

Similar to previous events, the technical presentation will be lead by ArcBlock's Vice President of Engineering Tyr Chen. The four hour presentation will focus on several key topics From ArcBlock's Hitchhikers Guide to Blockchain including:

  • Publicly Verifiable: The only way to decentralize
  • Decentralized ledger - Bitcoin
  • Decentralized Computing - Ethereum
  • Decentralized File System - IPFS
  • Getting Started Guide - How to build dApps on Ethereum
  • Getting Started - How to use ArcBlock Forge to create your own blockchain

ArcBlocks A Blockchain Odyssey Technical Tour Stops by Microsoft Research in Beijing, China

Sold out Blockchain Odyssey Talk at Microsoft, China

In the weeks ahead, AcrBlock will be posting additional learning series focused on blockchain looking at best practices, use cases and how to use ArcBlock to further-enable developers, businesses and government to leverage blockchain technologies easily and efficiently. For anyone interested in learning more about ArcBlock, please contact ArcBlock by visiting their website or follow them at Twitter:@arcblock_io or their Telegram community at for more information.