ArcBlock is attending the Hyperledger Member Summit and represents the premier event of the year for the Hyperledger community by bringing together users, developers, businesses and stakeholders to learn and collaborate with each other. The summit is covers both technical and business topics including foundation announcements important to the community.

The most significant news of the event is that the EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) and Hyperledger have officially partnered together and agreed to collaborate on bringing common standards to the blockchain space and cross-pollinate a wider open-source community. ArcBlock is an active member of both foundations and believes that this next generation partnership will create further adoption of blockchain across the enterprise.

CEO of ArcBlock, Robert Mao, discussing Governance in the Age of Blockchain

Robert Mao, CEO and Founder of ArcBlock, participated in a session to discuss Governance in the Age of the Blockchain. Because of blockchain's ability to transform the way that business, government and users interact with each other governance is a key issue that needs increased scrutiny and solutions. Blockchain presents alternate governance models and gives users the ability to interact with each other without the need for intermediaries. How can users be protected? How do governments and entities collect taxes? Do existing regulatory entities and rules still apply? The questions are numerous and the answers are still being defined, but ArcBlock is playing a significant role in giving both sides the ability to define and control their required constructs.

Discussing Governance in the Age of Blockchain

In addition to attending trainings and sessions, ArcBlock had the opportunity to establish several new Hyperledger partnerships further enabling their blockchain 3.0 ecosystem. As a platform, ArcBlock enables developers and businesses to build across blockchains and enables them to build, manage and deploy DApps easily.

For anyone interested in learning more about ArcBlock, please contact ArcBlock by visiting their website or follow them at Twitter:@arcblock_io or their Telegram community at for more information.