ArcBlock is attending the U.S. Navy's innovative Hackthemachine Hackathon in Seattle, WA running from September 21 - 23, 2018. Hackthemachine is designed around the Navy's digital experience system and is presented by the Naval Sea Systems Command.

During HacktheMACHINE Seattle, participants will get hand-on experience focusing on specific digital challenges confronting the U.S. Navy including use of equipment and data that has never been publically shared. The goal of HacktheMACHINE is to create meaningful conversations around innovation, maritime security and creating a positive impact on the world that will help the Navy's thinking around cybersecurity, machine learning and rapid prototyping.

U.S Navy HacktheMACHINE hackathon

During the hackathon event, ArcBlock's founder and CEO, Robert Mao, will be attending several invite only sessions to discuss the state of the blockchain, the impact blockchain is having on business and industry, and how ArcBlock is creating the next generation of decentralized applications (DApps) by enabling developers to easily create, prototype and manage these apps through a few simple steps. In addition, ArcBlock's unified architecture and interface help to create a seamless experience that significantly decreases costs, improves time to market, and creates a future proof environment that allows developers and businesses to use blockchain technologies without limitation.

For anyone interested in learning more about ArcBlock, please contact ArcBlock by visiting their website or follow them at Twitter:@arcblock_io or their Telegram community at for more information.