ArcBlock CEO Robert Mao will be speaking on September 11, 2018, at the industry-leading Seattle Blockchain conference in Bellevue, WA. The topic of the discussion is "DApps Development Demystified." The focus of the talk will look at many of the common challenges developers are facing related to usability, technology lock-in, and ever-changing changing business rules and how to overcome these challenges easily.

Seattle Blockchain Conference

The first part of the session will look at how ArcBlock simplified the development process by making DApps easier to build, deploy and manage by eliminating many of the fundamental adoption issues and rethinking how applications evolve as new blockchain protocols are adopted.

Following that, Robert will show how a constant focus on user experience and an open platform like ArcBlock empowers developers through a “top-down” strategy giving them the ability to evaluate, use, and switch between blockchain technologies including leveraging multiple platforms simultaneously.

Seattle Blockchain Conference

ArcBlock is also a major sponsor at the event and will be announcing several new strategic partnerships during the 2-day that further solidify their leadership position in creating a developer ready blockchain 3.0 ecosystem.

More Information

For anyone interested in learning more about ArcBlock, please contact ArcBlock by visiting their website or Telegram community at for more information.