ArcBlock CEO delivers talk on Demystifying DApp Development

ArcBlock continues to participate and sponsor industry events. For this event, ArcBlock focused on strategic partnerships and continuing to showcase their powerful development framework. "The feedback we received was positive, and companies are excited to get into the ArcBlock ecosystem," said Robert Mao, CEO of ArcBlock. "Anybody who has attempted to build a DApp or decentralized service understands the pain points to get their application into the market. The goal of ArcBlock is to simplify the entire development process and enable developers to focus their time on their code."

CEO, Robert Mao, at Seattle Blockchain 2018

During the event, ArcBlock's CEO led a developer-focused conference session that looked at the history of blockchain and the steps that led to blockchain 3.0.

CEO, Robert Mao, at Seattle Blockchain 2018

During the presentation, Robert also showcased the core components of ArcBlock's system that solve many common problems today when trying to build a DApp including poor performance, choice of technology and industry changes are all potential roadblocks to building, deploying and managing an app.

ArcBlock sponsor booth

ArcBlock was a sponsor of the event and hosted a booth at the event that received a lot of traffic and interest from companies like IBM, and Accenture to name a few. Also, ArcBlock solidified several new strategic partnerships that will be announced in the next few weeks. ArcBlock continues to focus on making it easy to build products using blockchain, and it was a message that resonated with many attendees of the event.

New Partner Cryptoslate

For anyone interested in learning more about ArcBlock, please contact ArcBlock by visiting their website or follow them at Twitter:@arcblock_io or their Telegram community at for more information.