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December 11

ArcBlock Announces New Partnership with CryptoSlate

The New Media Partnership to Launch New Monthly Research Reports and Content for Blockchain Experts Today, Arcblock, the creator of the leading application development platform for decentralized applications (DApps) and blockchain-enabled services announced that it has officially launched a new strategic media partnership with CryptoSlate. CryptoSlate is a leading online blockchain media publication focused on delivering objective and transparent analysis of the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets with offices and teams located worldwide including the United States, Europe, and Asia.

December 5

CryptoSlate Interview with ArcBlock CEO: Why Blockchain is JUST NOT THERE YET

Media: CryptoSlate Date: 12/05/2018 In his mission to build the “Amazon Web Services of the blockchain age,” ArcBlock CEO Robert Mao outlines a problem that finds blockchain in a technological purgatory. The Trouble with Blockchain ArcBlock CEO Robert Mao believes blockchain’s utopian promises to disrupt, decentralize, and democratize are by no means hot air. The veteran software engineer and former Microsoft researcher connects the dots between the tumultuous rise of blockchain and the unfurling of the internet; it has been a decades-long plight turning rudimentary application into a technological paradigm.

December 4

ArcBlock Announces New Partnership with Dragonchain

ArcBlock and Dragonchain Announce New Strategic Partnership ArcBlock, a leading blockchain development framework, and Dragonchain, a technology leader in the blockchain space, announced today the formation of a new strategic partnership that will work to identify and integrate key technologies into each other’s platforms as well as promote industry awareness of blockchain successes and real-world use cases. By working together, ArcBlock and Dragonchain will be working together to create improved user experiences for blockchain developers, and to enable businesses and enterprises to breakthrough early proof-of-concept or early stage decentralized applications and get these products to market easier, faster and without the challenges that many of today’s developers are experiencing,” said Robert Mao, CEO of ArcBlock.

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ArcBlock Overview

Ecosystem for decentralized apps

ArcBlock is a platform and an ecosystem for building and deploying decentralized blockchain applications. The platform goes beyond providing the necessary foundational components for using blockchain to power complex business rules. It connects your existing system to blockchain networks, enabling you to automate business processes using the data and identities associated with existing systems.


Five-Year Plan

Launch Open Chain Access Protocol

- Launch Open Chain Access Protocol.

- Launch Open Chain Access Protocol and reference implementations for major blockchains (Bitcoin, Hyperledger, etc.).

Public launch and popularization among the general public.

- First Developer Conference for ArcBlock developers and partners.

- Launch the support and Blocklet Building Blocks for digital media, publishing, and knowledge sharing.

- Design and implement support for IoT blockchain applications. (Support MQTT protocols and AWS IoT service. Consider supporting IoTA as a blockchain underlayer).

- Build the decentralized marketplace for ArcBlock decentralized applications and their tokens.

Contribute Open Chain Access Protocol

- Public launch for IoT smart home and smart city application support.

- Contribute Open Chain Access Protocol and related technology to the open source communityitem (through the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Foundation, or a similar organization) to increase adoption and position ArcBlock as the de facto standard of open chain access.

- Extend cloud computing support for the ArcBlock platform, targeting support for all major cloud platforms including AWS, Windows Azure, Google Computing Engine, Aliyun, Tencent Yun, etc. ArcBlock is aiming for a cloud platform-independent, universal, and decentralized application platform.

ArcBlock powered Blockchain infrastructure

- Embrace the potential trend that blockchain protocols may be adopted at the OS (operating system) level by providing foundational OS-level support in the ArcBlock Platform.

- Build the token ecosystem and a new operating system with ArcBlock platform partners and developers for a truly decentralized, autonomous business environment.

Supporting programmable society

- ArcBlock becomes an open, foundational service of the new programmable society, supporting the DAO/DAC and their services/applications.

ArcBlock Token
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