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October 16

ArcBlock and LifeID Announces Partnership to Bring Digital Identity Tools to Blockchain 3.0 Developer Ecosystem

ArcBlock Announces Partnership with LifeID Bellevue, WA – (Press Release) – ArcBlock, creator of the world’s first Developer-ready Blockchain 3.0 ecosystem, and LifeID, creator of the leading open-source, tokenized protocol for sovereign identity, have announced a new technology partnership to bring LifeID’s blockchain-based digital identity protocol and developer tools to ArcBlock’s blockchain 3.0 developer ecosystem. LifeID is creating an open, public identity protocol for next-generation web and blockchain ecosystems to give users an easy, convenient and secure way to control their identity.

October 2

ArcBlock CEO Speaks at the Hyperledger Member Summit Conference in Montreal, Canada

ArcBlock is attending the Hyperledger Member Summit and represents the premier event of the year for the Hyperledger community by bringing together users, developers, businesses and stakeholders to learn and collaborate with each other. The summit is covers both technical and business topics including foundation announcements important to the community. The most significant news of the event is that the EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) and Hyperledger have officially partnered together and agreed to collaborate on bringing common standards to the blockchain space and cross-pollinate a wider open-source community.

September 22

ArcBlock CEO Speaks at the HacktheMACHINE Hackathon in Seattle, WA

CEO and Founder of ArcBlock, Robert Mao, lead a blockchain session for U.S. Navy Executives during one of several invite only HacktheMACHINE Designer sessions focused on bringing new and innovative technologies to the U.S. Navy. During the session, Robert spoke at length on the history of blockchain and introduced the core concepts behind blockchain 3.0 and how the U.S. Navy can benefit from the new generation of blockchain services. During the session, executives were given an in-depth look at the core fundamental of blockchain including the basic tenants of a smart contract, and when to use blockchain during the system design process.

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ArcBlock Overview

Ecosystem for decentralized apps

ArcBlock is a platform and an ecosystem for building and deploying decentralized blockchain applications. The platform goes beyond providing the necessary foundational components for using blockchain to power complex business rules. It connects your existing system to blockchain networks, enabling you to automate business processes using the data and identities associated with existing systems.


Five-Year Plan

Launch Open Chain Access Protocol

- Launch Open Chain Access Protocol.

- Launch Open Chain Access Protocol and reference implementations for major blockchains (Bitcoin, Hyperledger, etc.).

Public launch and popularization among the general public.

- First Developer Conference for ArcBlock developers and partners.

- Launch the support and Blocklet Building Blocks for digital media, publishing, and knowledge sharing.

- Design and implement support for IoT blockchain applications. (Support MQTT protocols and AWS IoT service. Consider supporting IoTA as a blockchain underlayer).

- Build the decentralized marketplace for ArcBlock decentralized applications and their tokens.

Contribute Open Chain Access Protocol

- Public launch for IoT smart home and smart city application support.

- Contribute Open Chain Access Protocol and related technology to the open source communityitem (through the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Foundation, or a similar organization) to increase adoption and position ArcBlock as the de facto standard of open chain access.

- Extend cloud computing support for the ArcBlock platform, targeting support for all major cloud platforms including AWS, Windows Azure, Google Computing Engine, Aliyun, Tencent Yun, etc. ArcBlock is aiming for a cloud platform-independent, universal, and decentralized application platform.

ArcBlock powered Blockchain infrastructure

- Embrace the potential trend that blockchain protocols may be adopted at the OS (operating system) level by providing foundational OS-level support in the ArcBlock Platform.

- Build the token ecosystem and a new operating system with ArcBlock platform partners and developers for a truly decentralized, autonomous business environment.

Supporting programmable society

- ArcBlock becomes an open, foundational service of the new programmable society, supporting the DAO/DAC and their services/applications.

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